Thanks to my sponsors who made this all possible for me.

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Total Plan focuses on providing free and non-binding advice and has 10 years of experience in this. In collaboration with various major players in the telecommunications and energy market, they can obtain interesting and especially advantageous proposals. They provide free information and comparison, sales, technical support and after-sales service. This together with an expert mobile team who visits customers at their homes by appointment with the desired information and explanation. In addition, a customer-friendly call center that provides support to the mobile teams and is always ready to help their customers with questions or problems.

Opening hours:

  • Mo-Thu: 09h00-12h00 & 12h30-17h00
  • Fr: 09h00-12h00 & 12h30-15h00

Tel.: +32 (0)9/330 60 40
Heulendonk 17
9991 Adegem


Only the best comes in glass !

Glasfabrieken van Brabant has been in the glass business since 1959.

After many years of manufacturing experience, “Glasfabrieken van Brabant” became a glass trader and now operates from Ghent as a partner for international glass-makers.
Our logistics centre is also managed from Ghent.

Opening hours:

  • Mo-Fr: 08h30-17h00
  • Sa-Su:¬†closed

Tel.: +32 (0)9/220 55 39
De Pintelaan 272
9000 Gent


Groep Hesters is an independent insurance broker for SMEs, individuals, professionals and anyone who exercises a liberal profession. They can freely consult the market to find the most interesting policies on the best contribution conditions. Contact Group Hester freely for personal advice. If you wish, they are happy to visit you at home.

Tel.: +32 (0)9/337 76 00
Michel Gillemanstraat 6
9060 Zelzate


‘T Oud Scheepken is a restaurant where you eat tasty, in a family atmosphere, served by staff who have years of experience and know its customers well. The restaurant has 90 places and you can reserve a room for up to 25 people.

The two fireplaces invite you to a blissful relaxing moment and in the lounge at the bar you can quietly enjoy your aperitif.

Opening hours:

  • Open on public holidays and from Thursday to Sunday
  • Closed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (except holidays)
  • Kitchen open from 12h to 14h and 18h to 21h

Tel: +32 (0)9/355 73 53
Rechtstraat 444
9160 Eksaarde-Lokeren


SFP Racing has a long history in karting, working previously, for example, with Parolin and Formula K. Now it has decided to build its own brand Formula Gilles selected from best parts available in karting. The team has achieved top results and championships on national and international level.

Tel: +32 475/ 47 32 49
Baasrodestraat 165
9280 Lebbeke